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How To Use

SAFETY and PRE EXISTING MEDICAL CONDITIONS. At the time of writing, more than one thousand AloeBuz™ product have been sold. No reports of redness, irritation or any other reaction have been received.

AloeBuz™ is safe to use with pre existing conditions of eczema, psoriasis, acne, dry skin, rashes, cuts and scratches, sunburn and skin cancer.

AloeBuz™ is sold as a cosmetic and has not been approved as a treatment  for these medical conditions.

Application. Apply by spray to skin, hands, face, hair, feet etc. Makes a great aftershave. Allow to dry. Can be used wet as a shaving gel. Very effective treatment for dry flaky skin found in lower leg area.

Best Results. For best results use daily or twice daily. There is no limit to the amount of use. If using foundation makeup, apply AloeBuz™ under the foundation.

Not Sure? That’s easy. Do the AMAZING 2 minute AloeBuz™ Challenge. Spray only the back of one hand. Allow to dry. Compare the appearance of the treated hand to the non treated hand.

Still Not Sure? That’s easy. Do the 1 or 4 week AloeBuz™ Challenge. Spray only the back of one hand or one side of the face twice daily for 1 to 4 weeks. Compare the appearance of the treated skin to the non treated skin.

Hair Conditioner. Spray the hair according to the effect you want. A heavy spray gives a wet look. A light spray gives more body.

Shaving Gel. Spray and shave. Spraying the razor after use may significantly extend it's life by application of a thin coat of olive oil to reduce corrosion of the blade edge.

Moisturiser. Great for dry and flaking skin such as lower legs and sun damaged arms.

Massage Lubricant.

With Pulsed Magnetic Field and Galvanic Therapy Devices. Replaces OEM serums and treatments in most cases with equal or better results when used in conjunction with galvanic current and pulsed magnetic field therapies.